Types of Satta Game In Online Satta Matka Website

Satta matka, the game will give you real money. To play the game, you have to log in with your credentials on the official website of the Satta. May websites will offer you this type of game in India. But a certain group can only play this game without restriction. This game is available in both the normal version and premium VIP version. It would help if you played some games at a time for the normal version. But with VIP membership, this game has no restrictions; they can play any game anytime. The Satta Matka Result will announce to both members at the same time.

Premium Membership

The entire membership plans in satta matka are not affordable to all players. The players who are more interested in the game and want to spend more to play can spend. The VIP membership plans are available for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. The satta team will provide offers for the yearly membership players. Most of the players want to buy the membership plan to avoid restrictions in playing games. They have special messages for all games conducted by the satta matka.

Slots and contest

The Satta has conducted many contests under different categories. The satta has conducted more than 30+ contests. Under this contest, we can play many slots. The slots have particular seats to play the game. The next slot will open for a particular contest if the seats are full. The entry fees will be the same and the prize amount as well. They have different slots to reduce confusion and clarify the number of players. The premium members can enter into many slots at the same time.

What are the types of satta?

There are different types of games available in the Satta market. Each game has a speciality and has a different procedure to play the game. Let’s see the different games briefly.

  • Matka: Matka is the oldest type of game played in India. It is like picking out the numbers to select the winner. This game is like luck drawing. The name may be different, but now it is more famous among the players.
  • Single: In this game, you have to choose the number between 0-9.
  • Jodi: In the Jodi game, you have chosen the lucky number from 00-99 involved in the matka game. This Jodi number game will give you more excitement and fun.
  • Patti: Here, you have to choose three sets of numbers. This will be more exciting and fun. The result will announce on a particular day of the week.
  • Open/close: In this game, you will get two results known as an open result and a close result. When you start playing this game, you will have a fun experience and excitement.

What makes it popular?

The Kalyan matka is more popular in the entire contest. It has very simple steps to play. This is a stepping stone for the online matka in Mumbai city. In a short period, it got recognition in the online games industry. They are always updating the information regarding the satta to their players. Beginners can easily understand Kalyan Satta Guessing because of its simplicity.


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